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My name is Grace Allison Perkins and I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia earning my BFA in Illustration with a minor in Printmaking. I was born and raised in central Texas where I reside now, and currently work in Austin as a screen printer. 

Representing the figure has always been something I’ve been trying to make as emotive and expressive as possible in my work. My main focus when I draw people is to normalize positive queer narratives in comics and other forms of media. I believe it is important to write stories that people can connect with regardless of their sexuality, gender, race, ethnic background, or economic status. I enjoy celebrating love with a goal to share representations of queer relationships that emphasize intimacy and companionship without the use of harmful tropes or stereotypes. All types of bodies, genders, sexualities and personalities should be celebrated!

More of my work can be found on Instagram

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